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Rezintaj Co

Rezintaj Co. was established in Iran in 1375 after lots of years of experience in producing and exporting home textile with the goal of producing and presenting premier home textiles.

This company is proud of presenting its name among interior producers are the first producer of anti-blemish tablecloth, antifungal and anti-bacterial shower curtain, anti-bacterial shade curtain and vertical blinds. It has developed its products with completion of its home products by kitchen product and towel and also has accomplished another level in presenting more and better services and has accomplished another duty by producing with two brands of Melrose and Perca.

Now Rezintaj co. as the premier producer in Iran has been able to win the competition among foreign rivals and has been able to satisfy the customers by presenting high quality products in big chain stores such as Carrefour Iran, Shahrvand ,Refah and Etka.

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